Cyber Print uses PNG files. The background must be transparent, and a PNG file is the best option for that.
In one of the following updates, you will be able to use GIF files.

Pay attention to two things:


  1. Select the layers in the correct order. First, select what goes on top. For example, if you select a body or background first, the other parts, such as the eyes, will not be visible. Use the same order as you have in Illustrator or Photoshop.
  2. Make sure the background is transparent. It must not be white or any other color.

Don’t go into a folder. Instead, select a folder as a layer. Then, Cyber Print will import the files from it by itself.

Cyber Print will handle with all dimensions, from 5px to 5000px. The power of the computer you use plays a big role.

Our recommendation is from 500px to 1500px.

For now, you can create special folders for rare items and repeat the process in Cyber Print.
We will add the rarity option in one of the following versions.

It happens when your Windows is overloaded with start-up programs. Go to Startup Apps and turn off all start-up programs, restart the computer and try it again.
Check out the tutorial: